Tsclistens – Get $1.99 Off – Tropical Smoothie Survey

Tsclistens – If you’re looking for information about the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Guest Experience Survey, you’ve come to the right spot.


Tsclistens – Get $1.99 Off – Tropical Smoothie Survey

Tropical Smoothie Cafe conducted an online Tropical Smoothie Cafe Customer Experience Survey, also known as ts listens, to gather comments and ideas and better understand Tropical Smoothie Cafe Customer Service.

Survey Name
Tropical Smoothie Cafe Listens
Survey URL
Survey Reward
Discount coupon good for next visit (check receipt)
Time To Complete
3-5 Minutes
Purchase Required?
No Purchase Necessary

Your input will assist them in making the necessary modifications and changes to meet your requirements and wishes. As a result, they will be able to provide you with superior Tropical Smoothie Cafe Customer Service on your next visit.


How To Take Tropical Smoothie Survey

  • If you satisfy the following qualifications and are prepared to adhere to the principles, you may participate in the survey.
  • Visit the Tropical Smoothies Cafe Survey Site to take part in the survey.
  • Choose from English or Spanish as your native language. Pick a language that best meets your requirements from the list below.
  • Then, insert the store number, date/time, and transaction number from your receipt. You should be able to start by selecting START.
  • The examination has now started. 
  • Answer all the review questions truthfully, as shown by your involvement in a previous visit.
  • Next should be chosen.
  • Once you’ve finished the survey, you’ll get your coupon code. Please keep it in your wallet or purse for your next trip to Tropical Smoothie.


Benefits And Rewards

Tropical Smoothie Cafe values its customers and responds to their input. 

Using this coupon will also get $1.99 off your next visit to any Tropical Smoothie Cafe location.

Here’s a breakdown of what you may get if you complete the Tropical Smoothie Feedback Survey.

Tropical Smoothie Café appreciates your input, and that is why they provide an incentive for you to participate in their survey. You may receive a $1.99 smoothie voucher just for participating in the survey. As a result, double-check your ticket for the award information even before doing the study.


Terms And Condition Or Rules

The purchase receipt is needed to receive the incentive.

  • One survey input is equivalent to one purchase receipt.
  •  Employees of the company are not allowed to vote.
  • There must be a reliable Internet connection.
  • The next time you come, be sure to get a wrap or sandwich to use your Smoothie Coupon on.
  • Keep your receipt once you’ve made your purchase so you can participate in the online survey.

About Tropical Smoothie Survey

Since 1997, the Tropical Smoothie good training and development organisation has been in Destin, Florida. The first franchised shop opened in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1998.

Smoothies are the café’s most well-known speciality. They also provided salads, and sandwiches, wraps, flatbreads, wraps added bowls to their meal menu in 2017. 

Tropical Smoothie Café has over 650 locations throughout the United States.

The café runs the www.tsclistens.com survey. As the name implies, the restaurant pays attention to what guests say about their cuisine, beverages, cleanliness, and staff conduct. The information they get from the survey helps businesses make critical choices about personnel and the quality of their goods and services.



If you have any thoughts, feelings, or observations to share, Tropical Smoothie Cafe would be delighted to hear from you. It is why Tropical Smoothie wants to hear from you. Please take a moment to complete the Tropical Smoothie Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Complete the last portion of the Tropical Smoothie Listens to Survey for a chance to win one of two $1.99 off Tropical Smoothie coupons.

Visitors to Tropical Smoothie Cafe are asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey to learn more about their experiences with the chain’s food locations, products, service, cleanliness, and price. Primarily, we want to get honest feedback from Tropical Smoothie Cafe customers via this survey.

The management team takes this survey very seriously, so be sure to give them your honest opinion.

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Tsclistens FAQs

  • What is the acronym for TSCListens?

Answer – TSCListens is how Tropical Smoothie Café collects customer feedback on its products and services. Customers’ input aids the café in making judgments on how to enhance the quality of its cuisine, beverages, and services.

  • Is TSCListens a genuine company or a con?

Answer – There are two key indicators to look for when determining if a website is legitimate or a fraud. To begin, see whether there is a fee associated with signing up and participating, and it’s a red sign if it’s begging for money. Second, see whether the site honours its benefits. We may infer that TSCListens is legitimate based on these two indications. 

  • Does the survey allow participants like me to participate?

Answer – Finally, double-check that you made a transaction at Tropical Smoothie Café and have your receipt.

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